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13 musicians and volunteers dressed in Victorian costume stand on a dark stage with their arms raised. An audience is applauding. Lyrics to a song called Windy Old Weather is behind them.

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Two men and a woman smile into the camera and another lady looks at them, smiling. They are in a gazebo with a banner saying Lakenheath Heritage Group. They are all behind a table covered in documents such as maps and leaflets.

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I enjoyed learning about our school’s history, because I like the feeling I get when I know that I am sitting right where other children sat many years ago, doing similar things to what they did.

Sepia photo of children of Wickham Skeith school in the late 1800s. There are three rows of children, who look about 9-11 years old. The girls are wearing dresses with white pinafore aprons, and the boys are wearing short trousers and dark button up jackets. A female teacher is stood on the left. A girl in the front row holds a large slate which says 'Wickham Skeith 1'