Archives Towards Recovery

These pages are for participants in the Archives Towards Recovery project. Here you can explore a variety of content that looks at the question – how do people cope with challenging times?

Taking part in this project is an opportunity to reflect on what is happening at the moment and tell your story with support from a creative professional.

We all experience difficult times in our lives, and all have different ways of getting through them.

The collections we look after at Suffolk Archives are full of people’s stories. Our oldest document is 900 years old, and we add new stories all the time. Pretty much every aspect of human life can be found somewhere in the records.

Our ancestors lived through a lot – plagues, wars, economic collapses. Yet they survived, and we are still here today as a result.

So, how did they get through it all, and is there anything we can learn from them?

What can we learn from the past that might help us today?

Before your first creative session have a browse through the content on these pages. We would recommend you allow yourself about an hour; you could do this in one go or in a few shorter bursts.

As you go you might want to make some notes on what you find out. Do these stories relate to your life experiences? What is similar about them, and what is different?

You can always come back to these pages to refer to this content at any time during the project. If you would like to know more about any of the stories please get in touch with Hannah at Suffolk Archives.

This project is funded by Suffolk Community Foundation, Suffolk Archives Foundation, and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.