Soil Sisters: Putting the Women’s Land Army on the map in Suffolk

 Soil Sisters is a collaboration between Suffolk Archives and Nicky Reynolds and Vicky Abbott—both Suffolk gals with many years of experience in Women’s Land Army Living History enactment and both with relatives that served in the WLA in the County.

Our Soil Sisters volunteers have been at work since 2019 researching the stories of the Women’s Land Army in Suffolk, particularly focusing on:

  • stories of individual women who served in the WLA in Suffolk
  • details of where WLA members lived and worked
  • how the WLA was organised in Suffolk

The project will culminate in the production of two maps which share these stories; one physical map, inspired by the maps made by Ernest Clegg at the end of the Second World War and sold to raise funds for the WLA Benevolent Fund, and a digital interactive map. Volunteers are also working on producing a travelling display which can be shown in locations around the county.

If you would like to share any information or memories about the WLA in Suffolk or would like to volunteer to work on the project, please get in touch with us on [email protected]

Sharing Suffolk Stories

Soil Sisters is a Sharing Suffolk Stories project, part of a countywide programme of activities to run alongside the development of ‘The Hold’, which will engage more people than ever before in Suffolk’s archival heritage.

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