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Become part of Suffolk’s story and start your volunteering journey with Suffolk Archives. We offer a range of roles that suit different interests and skills. From meeting and greeting to actively caring for our archive, there will be an opportunity for you.

We have a range of roles to suit people from all walks of life right across the county in our branches in Bury St. Edmunds, Lowestoft and Ipswich. Whether you’re building on skills you already have or are looking to gain new experiences, everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up to our Volunteer Makers website and accept one of our challenges to get started:

I like the camaraderie, the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge and being valued for my contribution.

Suffolk Archives Volunteer, Volunteer Survey 2020
Two women and a man stand by a display in a large tent. There is a yeloow table cloth with documents displaying the different archives about BAME communities.
Sheila, Steve and Rebecca at the Multicultural Festival in Ipswich in September 2019.
13 musicians and volunteers dressed in Victorian costume stand on a dark stage with their arms raised. An audience is applauding. Lyrics to a song called Windy Old Weather is behind them.
Volunteers and musicians on stage at the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft. They performed a musical play called Ancestors in January 2020.
A lady in a bright blue scarf and whit top sits at a table surrounded by boxes. She is smiling as she works from an accessions book.
Fiona, supporting the work of our archivists.
Two women stand in a bright gazebo smiling into the camera. There is a Pride Rainbow flag in the background.
Nicola Beach, Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council, and Catherine, a volunteer, at Suffolk Pride 2019.
A man and a woman look at recording equipment whilst sat at a table. They are being trained on how to use the equipment.
David and Lauren being trained on how to use Oral History equipment.
A man has his back to camera whilst he has a voice recorder in his hand. Two women are looking and smiling at him as if they have all just understood something.
Tony, Jane and Mandy are practicing their Oral History interviewing technique.
A number of volunteers are standing around a table, discussing a map of Ipswich
Volunteers and staff catch up at a regular coffee morning.
A young man is sitting on a stool. He is practicing milking a cow from a bucket with rubber teats.
Patrick demonstrating how to milk a cow at the Suffolk Show in 2019.
Two young boys stand proud with yellow draw string bags with the Suffolk Archives logo on it. They are standing in front of a wall with a map of Lowestoft on it.
Two boys at our Lowestoft branch showing off their new bags!
A woman helps push down a leaver on a badge maker with a young girl. You can see the concentration on both of their faces.
Making badges on our opening weekend at our Lowestoft branch in 2020.
There are two girls either side of a woman in a green shirt. She is helping them colour in badge templates.
Colouring in templates to create a badge on our opening weekend at our Lowestoft branch in 2020.
A volunteer with red hair is sat on a long black bench. She is choosing a recording to listen to through a hand held telephone.
Janet picks a recording to listen to in The Hold.
Two women sit in the foreground in the cafe with two more women behind them. All are smiling and talking to each other over hot drinks.
Cami, a volunteer and Rebecca, the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, talk in the cafe at The Hold.
A woman reaches over her two young children to explain the display.
Volunteer, Sheila, showing some of our younger visitors how to get the most out of our displays in The Hold.
Two women sit outside of a cafe talking to each other.
Volunteer, Kari, catches up with a friend at the cafe in The Hold.
A man and his older daughter stand looking into a display case which contains a pigeons nest made out of building supplies.
Volunteer, Chris, talks about a pigeon’s nest made from building materials displayed in The Hold on the Change in Charcoal wall.
Two men and a woman smile into the camera and another lady looks at them, smiling.  They are in a gazebo with a banner saying Lakenheath Heritage Group. They are all behind a table covered in documents such as maps and leaflets.
Volunteers, Robert, Emily and David plus Rebecca at Lakenheath Fete in August 2019.
A volunteer, who is in a wheelchair, is talking to two visitors at The Hold. Behind them are some steps and pink light is coming through the windows at the back of the photo.
Volunteer, Marie, talking to two visitors at The Hold in Ipswich.
One young man and a woman are in the strong room surrounded by shelves of brown boxes. Both are making notes about the documents kept inside the boxes.
Rob and Margaret volunteering in the strongroom.